The Association for  Culture and Art CRVENA was founded on the 8th of March 2010 in Sarajevo. Founders of CRVENA are artists, musicians, curators, architects, engineers, cooks, economists, journalists, human rights and cultural workers, workers and activists. Crvena is membership-based organization with over 40 members, founded around principles and the critical potential of feminist politics. Our work is dedicated to the betterment of the society through activist and artistic engagement with relations of oppression, domination and violence over woman and man and concerned with the issue of building communities of critique, of action, of self-defense. Crvena aims to create supportive and sustainable environment for productive interaction of individuals and groups committed to same principles of the organization of work and society. Through this bringing together we seek to initiate, develop and maintain a culture of sharing, collaboration and participation in communal and public matters of all members of the society and community.

We hold art and activism as aesthetic, social and political tools with high potential for mobilization and social transformation. All our activities are founded on research which looks at practices, actors and relations which condition and define context and processes, and determine the scope and limits of participation.

In the past five years organization grew from a small group of active individuals to a sort of laboratory for researching, thinking, learning, sharing collaborating and producing knowledge. This evolution led us to rethniking on how to move from project and small action thinking to strategic programmatic orientation. So, now CRVENA seeks to integrate, develop, organize and execute all our activities under four programs: art, activism, space and society; social and cultural research and policies; learning and production; and alternative economic initiatives.

Association for Culture and Art CRVENA
Address: Hamdije Čemerlića 11/1, 71 000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phone: +387 33 208 195
CRVENA is registered at the BH Ministry of Justice
ID broj: 420 158 646 0005

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