The Bring In Take Out Living Archive (LA)





The Bring In Take Out Living Archive (LA) takes and uses artistic, creative and research means and their intersecting strategies to create a contemporary art exhibition, laboratory and public archive of women artists and feminist art.

With the bring-in-take-out principle, the LA aims at creating an interactive platform for sharing and collaborative work in the digital and public space, in which the politics of remembering, contemporary art and translation of feminist knowledge happen.

The main referential backgrounds are contemporary art, feminist theory and practice, as well as post/Yugoslav space which function like a polis as defined by Hannah Arendt: “The polis, properly speaking, is not the city-state in its physical location; it is the organization of the people as it arises out of acting and speaking together, and its true space lies between people living together for this purpose, no matter where they happen to be” (The Human Condition. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1958, p. 198.)

The LA tends to be transparent, socially engaged and methodologically innovative platform, which gathers artists, researches and curators. The project evolves and processes trough LA editions in Zagreb, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Vienna, Stockholm and elsewhere. The concept further on develops with every new edition.

LA consists of series of lectures, artist talks, book and publication promotions, curatorial school, workshops, LA LABs, research, actions and performances in public spaces, spatial interventions, exhibitions, collaborations and art productions. Different publications, books, guides, texts and media promotions offer deeper insight into the scope of the project.

Project started in 2010 and will continue in the future as one of the key projects we work on.

The Bring In Take Out – Living Archive (LA) has been initiated by an international and cross-disciplinary group of feminist cultural producers, curators and theoreticians under the name RED MIN(E)D who gathered around the CRVENA association for art and culture. The mission of the RED MIN(E)D group is to activate and transfer feminist art, activism and knowledge in/from the post-Yugoslav region. The main endeavor of the LA group is to take and use artistic, creative and research means and their intersectional strategies to create an exhibition laboratory and public archive for emancipating social and cultural memory on women artists, activists and scholars. We tend to open up, popularize and translate (post)Yugoslav feminist knowledge and practice by public and sharing models of the work.

Authors: curatorial collective RED MIN(E)D: Danijela Dugandžić Živanović, Katja Kobolt, Dunja Kukovec and Jelena Petrović.
Production: Red Min(e)d, CRVENA, MINA and numerous friends and collaborators, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, ongoing
Locations: Zagreb, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Vienna, Stockholm and globally
Project WEBSITE:

European Cultural Foundation

Rosa Luxemburg Shtiftung Belgrade
Global Found for Women
Gliptoteka HAZU
Klub Kino Grič
Kino Europa
Galerija Miroslav Kraljević Zagreb
Galerija Kapelica Ljubljana
Alkatraz Gallery
Klub Gromka
Open Society Fund – Bosnia and Herzegovina
eFM Student radio
Center for Cultural and Media Contamination

Wien Kultur
Centre for Women s Studies Zagreb
Red Dawns Ljubljana
Human Rights Centre of the University of Sarajevo
Artists, academics, cultural workers and friends


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