Factory of Memories


Factory of memories is a collaborative  year long project of Tirana Ekspres and Association for Culture and Art CRVENA  aiming to research and preserve individual and collective memories in Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its main goal is to showcase/champion the use of art (video specifically) in exploring and actualizing important societal issues. The Project aims to connect creative young people of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania by facilitating and improving cross-border relations and dialogue through creating a platform for personal encounter, with their different viewpoints and perspectives on collective memories. It aims to expand cooperation and exchange of ideas among the participants, the involved cultural organisations, and the public by building bridges through artistic collaboration in the common creative process.

After the first workshop week in Sarajevo end of May 2015, the participators – inspired and guided by workshop leaders from the field of video/media art as well as lecturers from other fields, will be expected to create video on the subject. At the end of the production phase of 2 months, they will finalize their videos together with our team during the second round of workshop in Tirana. Each workshop will last up to 6 days. The produced videos will premiere in a public screening event at Tirana Ekspres end of 2015. During this event participating artists will get in dialogue with a wider audience and invited experts. A DVD and online presentation comprising successful works will be created and the works will be promoted further across the region.

Field, themes, approaches: Collective Memory, Short-Film and Video Art, Capacity Training, Research and Independent Artistic Production
Duration: 12 months, 01.11.2014. – 31.10.2015.
In partnership with Tirana Ekspres
The project is funded by Balkans Arts and Culture Fund (BAC), 2014 Collaboration Projects in Arts and Culture (COLABs)


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