Radio CRVENA ANTENA is an answer to all people who claim that free thinking feminist souls have nothing to say. To all people who perceive women only by their optical senses and who shut down their acoustic perception. To all people who do not know how to braise the beauty of the universal and timeless taught.

Radio CRVENA ANTENA is an web-radio initiative that is representing an channel for all the activists gathered around all projects of the Association for Culture and Arts CRVENA.

This free and independent public communication channel is also an playground for artistic experiments with sound, voice, music, dramaturgy, performing…

Radio CRVENA ANTENA is honored to be able to invite all free souls to participate in this game that can and will lead to the creation of new social values and to better understanding of feminism, activism, liberty, time-space-gravity, arts and of contemporaneity it self.

Concept by Andreja Dugandzic and Haris Sahacic

Interviews by Haris Sahacic

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