Quality summer reading: Performative Gestures Political Moves

Association for Promotion of Women in Culture – City of Women and the Red Athena University Press (a collaborative publishing project by the Centre for Women’s Studies Zagreb and prominent post-Yugoslav feminist scholars) published a book in English language entitled Performative Gestures Political Moves. Homonymous symposium was held at ZRC SAZU in 2010 (organised by City of Women) and this book represents its follow-up.

Editors Katja Kobolt and Lana Zdravković invited 12 different authors to share their thoughts about the »performativity«. Authors Angela Dimitrakaki, Ana Peraica, Barbara Orel, Dunja Kukovec, Grupa Spomenik and DeLVe, Marija Ratković, Marina Gržinić, Martina Pachmanová, Milijana Babić, Suzana Milevska, Tea Hvala and Waldemar Tatarczuk focused on the aforementioned concept and its »echo in the research focused on what should thus also be considered as an effect of the performance of power – on the art and theory production in so-called “Eastern Europe”.«

Publication aims to foster a reflection on performative and performance forms by women artists but and upon current research positions and theoretical considerations of performativity, performance art, feminism, historisation and, above all, their political implications in/and/for the “continental Post-Socialist” condition.

You can order this book at City of Women (via e-mail info@cityofwomen.org) for 16 EUR (you can pick it up at the City of Women office or receive it by mail).